The Same But Different

My husband and I are lucky enough to have two miniature poodles. We adopted Truffles when she was 6 years old, and about a year later we took in Maximus at the age of 9. It’s easy to say they are my two most favourite things in the world.

I love that they each have their own unique personality, especially since they are the same breed. For example, Truffles is the quiet, happy sweetheart with soulful eyes that made us fall in love with her instantly. She hardly ever barks, whines or growls, and her stubby nub of a tail is always wagging in its unique circular motion; it lets us know she’s always in a good mood. When she’s really excited she even starts to tap dance!

But the best part about Truffles is that when we give her any kind of affection – a pat on the head, an ear scratch or belly rub – she always makes sure to return the favour by giving us lots and lots of kisses.

© TheDoggyDidIt Truffy 2 W (800x534)

Maximus, on the other hand, is what I like to call a neurotic goofball (in a good way, of course!) He’ll want you to pick him up, but will growl at you when you do; he barks at thunder, growls at the TV and howls at sirens and squeaky toys.  Come to think of it, he always finds something to bark, growl or howl at – even when there’s nothing there. But his quirks are nothing but lovable.

My favourite time with Maximus is bed time. When all is quite he’s the first one to jump up beside me and, with so much love in his eyes, curl up for the sweetest cuddles a girl could ask for.

© - 0000011111 (800x533)

Even though they are the same breed, it is their differences that make me love them even more. After all, if it weren’t for their unique personalities they wouldn’t be Truffles and Maximus – they would simply be poodles.

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