5 Reasons to Book a Professional Pet Photography Session

Are you considering having professional pet portraits done, but are unsure if the investment is worth it?  Are you asking yourself why you would pay a professional when you can easily snap a few pics yourself?

Here are 5 reasons you should book a professional pet photography session:

1. They Are Family!

Gone are the days when dogs and cats were just animals kept in the barn to control the mouse population or to help you hunt your dinner. Times have changed and most people now believe their pet is part of their family. So why shouldn’t they be included in that family collage on the wall, or on proud display in the family photo album? Professional pet photography will give you quality images of your furry family member that you can display with pride.

2. They Grow Up Too Fast!

We’ve already established that pets are family members, and you may be thinking “Ok, I’ll get pictures done… eventually,” but you should also consider the fact that pets age a lot faster than humans.  You may have a few years to get those adorable photos of your children as a baby or toddler, but that is not the case with pets. The average dog, for example, will reach its full grown size between 10 to 14 months, and sometimes it’s even less!  That cute puppy stage doesn’t last forever and you need to preserve those precious memories while you can.

Dog Park 848-2 (800x800)

This whippet puppy just loves to play. Have a new puppy? Watch it grow up with the Premium Puppy Package.

3. Memories Can Fade!

Since pets age much faster than humans, it is sad but true that they also have much shorter lives. It is very likely that you will outlive your beloved pet by several years.  Sure, you will always have your memories, but those can fade over time. Having stunning professional images to look back on will help keep the memory of your pet vibrant and clear.

TheDoggyDidIt.com, Erin Ontario

4. It Is A Work Of Art!

Photographers are artists. In fact, the root of the word photography can actually be broken down to mean “drawing with light”. Professional photographers spend hours and hours studying and practicing this art form to easily know how to create an image exactly the way they (and you!) want it. Art lovers spend thousands of dollars to get that rare piece displayed elegantly in their homes, but with pet photography you can have a one of a kind custom piece created just for you at a fraction of the cost. What a great way to show off your treasured pet!

5. They Are Just So Darn Cute!!!

Ok, I admit, this one is kind of obvious, and is pretty much self-explanatory – but really, why wouldn’t you want awesome pictures of that little cutie?

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Princess Penelope: Dog Photography in Caledon

Penelope’s pet parents were getting married and contacted me to do some studio engagement photos that included their princess pup. Of course I said yes! Getting her to sit still long enough for a pose proved a little challenging – all she wanted to do was play – but I was up for the challenge, and the session ended up being a success. Here are just a few of her adorable studio images.