The Process, FAQs and Tips


I aim to provide you with a fun, stress-free pet photography experience that will leave you with memories for years to come. For booking and session information, please review the process, frequently asked questions and tips below.

 The Process

• Contact me for your in-person, email or phone consultation, where we will discuss your pet’s specific details and what your goals are for the session. If your pet has any special tricks or traits that you would like photographed please let me know during this initial consultation. We will also discuss location options, package choices, and sessions dates.

• When all your questions are answered and you are ready to book your session, I will send you a contract via email to review. We will then schedule a date and time specifically for you.  A 30% deposit (non-refundable) is required to secure your appointment. Payment can be made in cash or e-mail money transfer.

• On the session date, please bring your signed contract and remaining payment balance. These must be received before the session can begin. Then, simply relax and enjoy the session.

• Within about two to three weeks, when your proof are ready, we will get together once again for your image reveal and ordering consultation, where you will purchase your artwork and collections.


Q: Where are you located, and how far will you travel?

A: I am based out of Erin, Ontario and travel mostly around the GTA and southern Ontario. I am willing travel further, if needed, to work in any of your favourite locations. Travel fees may apply, and will be discussed during your initial consultation. View more location information here.

Q: My dog needs to stay on a leash, do I need to do an indoor session?

A: An outdoor session is still an option for you. Remaining on-leash during an outdoor session is actually something I recommend for the safety of your pet. Leashes can be removed during post-processing and editing.

Q: What if I want an outdoor location and it rains on my session date?

A: In the event of poor weather, you can re-schedule your session at no extra cost. However, if you and your pet don’t mind a bit of water, wet and muddy photographs can be fun and unique. Bring a little extra rain gear and we’re good to go!  For safety reasons, sessions will be re-scheduled if there is lightening, or extreme weather conditions.

Q: My dog is anxious/camera shy/aggressive/doesn’t listen. Will that be an issue?

A: I have experience working with all types of animal behaviours. The safety and security of your pet is very important to me, so I will never ask your pet to do something it (or you) are not comfortable with. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still create some great images. Besides, you will be doing most of the handling as I photograph your pet, so everything is always in your control.

Q: Can people be included in some of the photos too?

A: Yes, I can include some images with you or your family during your session. However, since I am primarily a pet photographer, my work will mostly be focused on your pet. We can discuss strategies for including your family during your initial consultation.

Q: Are digital image files included in the session?

A: The session fee covers the time and costs associated with the session itself, as well as all the planning, post-processing, proof editing etc. that is involved in creating your images. Any artwork, including digital files, can be purchased during your ordering consultation.

Q: Can I see ALL the photos taken during the session?

A: As an artist who takes extreme pride in her work, I choose to present only those images that meet my highest quality standards. Through a careful culling process I select only the best of the best to present to you as proofs. This helps save you time and eliminate some of the stress that can be associated with choosing your final images.


 Session Tips

• If necessary, have your dog groomed within a week or so before the session

• Have a few of your pet’s favourite treats handy, in case a little encouragement is needed

• Bring any toys or props required for any special tricks you would like photographed

• Choose a location that your pet is familiar with; they will be more relaxed and your photos will look more natural

• Outdoor locations tend to produce the best images because of the natural light, scenery, and room to play

• If you choose an indoor location, a room with large windows and a clear space to easily move around is best

Can’t find an answer to your question? Contact me!